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Happy Birthday

 It's a beautiful morning in PTC. The sun rose brilliantly with it's bright rays  filtering through the trees in the lowlands of Booger Bottom. The swamp is quiet as we have had no gully washers lately. The air is not crisply cool, but would be considered refreshing if one were out on the motorcycle.
    The grand dogs have been taken for a morning walk. I love those dogs when they are at their house, but not ours. We don't have a fenced in yard where they can just be turned out. The dogs would love that, as they both love to chase squirrels and to just be outside. I must take them for walks and it seems the more comfortable they are here, the less bladder control they exhibit while in the house.
    Meanwhile, I trust that the Moo Cow Bikers are beginning the 2nd day of a weekend trip to Monteagle, TN and surrounding areas. Richard and Candy plan and lead a fully packed trip. Everyone always enjoys the sights and the adventures along the highways and byways of the southeast while riding on their trips.
    BTW, the adventures of the Moo Cow Bikers are beginning to come alive again at our Website - One of our own, Wayne Harris has undertaken the task of creating and maintaining the site. It is up and running and will be modified and finely tuned as time goes on. Your input is appreciated. A big MMMmmmmOOOOoooooo goes out to Wayne.
    You might note that other Moo Cow Biker clubs are listed on the site. These are "in the pipeline" as they say, plus another club in Alabama. The Alabama group might be the first to charter. Each club will have a section of the Website for publishing pictures, a calendar of events, and other helpful information. More clubs are encouraged. That's one of my pleasures---forming more Moo Cow Biker clubs. We all want to act as ambassadors for CFA.
    Did you notice the logo? This is the approved logo and the one that will be used on shirts, jackets, etc. All apparel will be offered for sale through Moo Cow Bikers corporate to dues paying Moo Cow Bikers in the not to distant future. Did you notice the key words DUES PAYING? We love the new logo and encourage the wearing of same---but only on dues paying members.
    Why is the Vice Cow missing the overnighter? As my lovely wife, Cheryl, points out now and then, members do have other things going on in life and must miss rides on occasion. Admittedly, it's hard for the Vice Cow to understand this phenomenon. I've been told that this miss is a valid. IT'S CHERYL'S BIRTHDAY! Let's all sing!!!!
    Our son and daughter-in-law have been at home office for the annual corporate meeting, so Cheryl volunteered to keep the grandsons and the grand dogs. Monday through Friday the location was Woodstock, which is home for this group. Friday afternoon after school, transfers the site to Booger Bottom. It includes loading the SUV with people and dogs. I don't know how Cheryl does the loading of one of the dogs. The one is young and wiry. The other is heavy, has hip problems. Love will overcome much.
    This volunteering naturally includes PaPa. Each time we do this, we are reminded that YOUNG PEOPLE have children. It's one of those "the mind is willing, but the body is not so willing" events of life. It is interesting to see the difference in personalities springing forth in these two creations of God. We kept them busy much of the day yesterday by planting the garden. Their sections of the garden will probably sprout forth better than Grandma's and PaPa's.
    Anyway---birthdays. We all had one, and as long as we are alive, we will have them. Why should they be special? Just as the grandsons have different personalities, Cheryl and I have different personalities. Birthdays were CELEBRATED at Cheryl's house. We were raised in the country with no money. People lived far apart and usually just traveled to town every other week or so and to church on Sunday. We were Methodists, so we didn't go to church on Wednesday night. Oh, Mama would make a cake and we would have ice cream. Family sang and we had A present. But, it really was not a big deal - partly due to our environment and circumstances.
    A challenge and beauty of marriage includes learning things from another perspective. May is BIRTHDAY MONTH around here. Well, after all, any husband wants to please his spouse and impress her. I had fun ordering the cake (well, they didn't have what I wanted, but we came close), ordering her favorite fragrances (they won't be here until the end of the week), getting her wedding rings enhanced with those things that women like. I told Cheryl last night that as of midnight tonight, the birthday month is OVER. Guys, we all know that is not a true statement. Every day is a birthday party!!!
    But enough about us. How about you? You will have another birthday celebration, Lord willing. Wade celebrated his with us on our then annual Biketoberfest ride for a time. That's what I call dedication to riding. We should all celebrate every day we have here on earth as though it was our birthday party. We should smile, be friendly, warm, kind, appreciative, etc. We also know that the BIG PARTY is to come for those who are born again in Jesus Christ. With God's grace, we will all be there. And what is so amazing, the gift of eternity with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit comes from the creator. We are just recipients of the greatest gift ever.
    Be a blessing to someone today.  


 Miscellaneous? What does that have to do with motorcycle riding? Each of you has miscellaneous going on in life.
    I see in yesterday's local newspaper where a female was arrested for having two husbands! That is a bit unusual, but times change. Is she a motorcycle rider? Beats me, but for sure, she won't be riding much until her situation is addressed in the court system. It's bad enough to have an extramarital affair, but another beast to have more than one spouse.
    We got a surprise yesterday. I had asked a fine young man if he could get weed killer in large quantities as he is in that business, not to mention being a Rock N Roll guitarist in a band. Seems that our weeds need major attention this year. He delivered the weed killer (it should last for 2 years) and another item. It is a Mother's day gift for Cheryl. It's an arrangement of outdoor plants in this HUGE, beautiful ceramic pot. Perfect for our "woodsy/natural" yard.
    After spending all this time preparing the garden site, it would be wise to plant seed. Well, one more item. The deer! Have to trim back some Leland Cyprus in order to get to the fence posts, replace some electric fence insulators, string the fence, hook it up, put in a gate for access. That usually works for the deer, but what about the squirrels? Frustration, that's what it is.
    We have a grandson's birthday coming up on Tuesday. Cheryl's birthday is on the 20th.
    Life's daily necessities keep us off the bikes. "On the other hand," if we rode every day, riding would not be as fun now would it. Ask David if he enjoyed riding a real bike, a Harley, out in Arizona. It's those special times on the bikes that we enjoy so much and can recall, with joy. We all have those extraordinary ventures on the bike, that we will remember until our time on earth is complete. The Moo Cow Biker family is a special event for me. The friends made, the rides taken, the time spend, especially on overnight trips. Miscellaneous, but enhancing.  
    Special present times: Part of the fun of the WinShape Ride For The Family is preparing for the ride. Planning the route on paper is nice. The possible routes are considered, cities are considered, events along the way are considered. But for a rider, the excitement begins with "riding the ride." That's where theory and real life must blend. The day after Cheryl's birthday, we will make the first pass at riding the ride. We will go in the "cage" for the first blush, as it makes note taking and discussion easier---not to mention that it is more comfortable for her. Visualization of daily routes for the enjoyment of the riders begins with this trip.  Now, miscellaneous begins to take focus. Extraneous events are pushed into the background and the experience for the riders takes front seat.
    The following does not fall into the miscellaneous category. These writings are put on paper with the rider in mind. The goal is to get the attention of the rider through conveying riding experiences and then plant some seed of eternity. Enjoy your rides, and allow the Holy Spirit to water and grow the seed.
    Romans 8: 29, 30: "For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the first-born among many brethren; and whom He predestined, these He also called; and whom He call, these He also justifies; and whom He justified, these He also glorified."
    Does this mean that only Harley riders will get to heaven? Does it mean only Presbyterians will get to heaven? Not by a long shot. It means that only those who accept the call will. We are all as dirty, filthy rags. None deserve to be saved. You can't work your way into His saving grace. Can all accept Jesus life, death, and resurrection and that He died to make our filthy rag personalities as white as snow. You bet. But, unfortunately, not all will.
    You are only predestined to His offer of salvation if you are willing to accept. Don't fall into "miscellaneous." It won't work.
    Be a blessing to someone today.


 The sun is coming up earlier; it's going down later. Daylight savings time has kicked in. The days are getting warmer. The angle of the suns' path has changed and now we are beginning to see our byways and highways in a different light.
    As I was tilling the garden site yesterday (this process was to truly pulverize the soil that has already been turned, then disked), I noticed that the path of the sun had changed from low on the horizon to a more direct overhead path. By the way, I can tell if the bottom plow has done its job when the next pass puts the right side wheels down into the trough dug by the previous pass and the tractor tilts way to much to the right and one wonders if it will turn over. Leaning to far to the right can be a disaster too, but that's another political story.
    Back to motorcycles: There is a segment of society that feels the desire to purchase a new ride. That desire comes and goes, but it generally comes around this time of year. Those persons tend to realize that desire can only be soothed by going to a dealership and spending hours looking over the new machines just as a careful shopper would go up and down the isles of a store. You get to see the latest colors, the latest improvements, the different models, those models which better suit your needs/wants. It's all there in front of you. Just wipe the drool off your chin, take a deep breath, close your eyes, imagine yourself riding down the road on your choice and smile.
    NOTE: this is not to slight the wise shopper who looks for the previously owned bike. This week, the author pokes at the new bike shopper.  
    By now, the sales person has tired of hearing your stories about previous bikes and he/she has moved on to another customer who just might make a decision quicker. While sales persons are there to serve the customers, they have to make a sale in order to earn that commission.
    Well, you have zeroed in on the one bike that will fit the bill. If you stretch reality, it might even fit your budget. Truth be known, there is no justification for purchasing a new bike when your existing bike runs great, looks great. Come on, you can get past  being rational here. You want to sit on the bike to make sure that it fits you, or that it can be modified to fit you. You approach the bike again and notice the sign: DO NOT SIT ON THE BIKES. What? Don't sit on the bike. Who is the customer here? You expect me to purchase something that I can't even sit on? Now you have to wait on a sales person again. WAIT? Whatever happened to the customer is always right? DON'T TOUCH? How can I be satisfied without touching. Touching/sitting should be MY choice.
    Well, well, well, we have a story for all today. You will love that new bike, that new house, those new clothes, the new car ---- for a time. Then the new will fade and you will want NEW again. The cycle begins again.
    Todays' story never fails. It never needs to be replaced. The story is found in chapter 5 of the book of Mark in the Bible. Start reading in verse 21. Seems that this woman had been sick for years. She had a hemorrhage that could not be cured by the physicians of the day. She knew that Jesus would be coming by a place that she could see him. She thought: if I can just touch His garments, I can get well.
    Jesus did not wear a sign saying: DO NOT TOUCH. She reached out and touched Jesus' garment. She was healed!!! Hallelujah. Jesus knew what had happened. Yet, He asked: "Who touched My garments?" The woman was afraid. She knew that she had been healed, but she was afraid. The fell before Jesus and told Him her story. Jesus told her that she had been healed because of her faith. You will find, you will come to realize, that Jesus could have healed her without her faith. Had He done so here, it would have ruined the lesson. 
    You might say: that was then, if you want to believe it--this is now. There is no touching of Jesus' garments today. The point is that Jesus did not carry a sign saying DO NOT TOUCH. Jesus welcomed those who came unto Him. All you have to do is reach out and ask. Jesus is the same today as He was to that woman years ago. He is not "new and improved." He doesn't have a new cloak. He welcomes you to reach out and TOUCH Him. When you touch Jesus, you will be overcome with new life that you may not understand at first. To some, it is immediate. To some the process of growth takes years. But upon that touching, life eternal is assured.
    Believe it or not, that assurance is better than a new bike, biker.
    Be a blessing to someone today.