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The Big Picture

June 9, 2013
The Big Picture
    We bikers sometimes exhibit intelligence in that we frequently look for better and safer methods of riding these machines that we enjoy so much. Many take safety courses. I intend to get around to that sometime in the future after riding for forty plus years. Many read articles on motorcycle safety. I purchased a tape on riding the Dragon and one on U - Turns. Our own Moo Cow Biker groups each have a safety officer who shares motorcycle safety at each meeting.
    On the 18th of May, 2013 I was reminded of the importance of keeping the eyes level when riding in curves. A group was riding "The Dragon" on the way to Pigeon Forge. For those of us who don't ride much, there is a tendency to lean with the bike in curves. We should also discover that our eyes are leaning with the bike. Such angles do not make for safe riding. Leaning is important. Some even hang off the bike a bit in order to make the turns easier to maneuver.
    Watch the professional riders. Yes, the bike leans at angles that most bikers can't comprehend, and the body hangs off the side of the bike. But look at the head. The head is almost always level, which means that the eyes are level. The brains' computations work more efficiently when the eyes are level.
    Another tip in conquering tight turns is to look as far through the turn as you can. True, in extremely tight turns in the mountains, you can't always see through the turn, but look as far through the turn as you can. If you can't see through the turn, wisdom dictates slowing down. Remember the body will follow the eyes. If you are looking down at the road, perspective is very limited. Look through that turn.
    Looking at the big picture makes for better riding and riding that is more fun. Look through the curves, lean, but keep your eyes level, and enjoy the ride.
    Are you going to leave a legacy of how smoothly and quickly you rode "The Dragon.?" I trust that you have higher aspirations. What will be remembered about you after you breath your last breath? Just some food for thought:
    "Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears My word, and believes Him who sent Me, has eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life." John 5:24
    "I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me shall not hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst." John 6:35.
    "I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me shall live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?" John 11:25,26.
    "but these have been written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name." John 21:31
    My mind comes to life when riding the bike ---- especially in the mountains. It comes to life when doing an Iron Butt, when doing an "Out West" ride, when riding with the Moo Cow Bikers, or when just riding for a couple of hours. I desire to be a safe rider. But when it's all said and done, there are bigger and better goals. Life everlasting is the ultimate. How about you?
    Be a blessing to someone today. 
John C. McGinn, Esq.
Vice Cow-Moo Cow Bikers

Here and There

June 2, 2013
Here and There
    Relax and bear with me this morning. This will bounce around.
    It's a cloudy day in Booger Bottom, with the promise of thunder showers this afternoon. The feeling here is that I'm re certified for rain riding after the Pigeon Forge ride, but there will probably be no riding today. It's also time for a new front tire. I'm not certified for front tire sliding riding.
    Inc. received an order for Conyers shirts, to be delivered to their meeting on Monday night. That delivery will be contingent upon good weather since the cars are west of Panama City this week. Katie has a few days off, so she left before Cheryl and Robin yesterday morning. Seems that Katie has that need for sun like her Dad did back in the previous century. Who has the animals, plus a couple more to come from Josh this week? Right, ole Dad. :)
    With no scheduled Moo Cow Biker ride yesterday, Willie offered to lead a gathering of the Herd to lunch at The Garden Patch in Barnesville. Have you noticed that Willie's pants look rather teenage stylish these days? We are talking loose fitting!! Willie has been on a diet that is working. If anyone has a pair of Moo Cow suspenders, he could use them. Willie went off the diet yesterday, what with the buffet and all. After all, one must get ones monies worth at a buffet.
    Allen & Beverly, (from Conyers), Jackie & Billie, Jeff, Linda (Rocket), and I made a good looking group following Willie & Barbara heading south on 19/41 to Barnesville and the Garden Patch. All Moo Cow Bikers, so we qualify for miles under the mileage program.
    There will be smiles on the faces of the Virginia group when they turn in mileage from their week long adventure.
    No church today. Everyone is out of town, the weather is not promising, only have the motorcycle to ride, etc., etc.. Actually, not valid excuses, only excuses. I'll listen to some Jimmy Swaggart praise team music, then find a good sermon to watch.
    An old theme: we Moo Cow Bikers don't hold ourselves out as being a Christian Motorcycle group. We just tell people that we are full of Christians who love to ride these motorcycles.
    We are becoming more active in charitable ventures once again. This is encouraging. On June 15 Addi's Angels Charity Ride will take place in Conyers, Fayetteville is actively participating in justifiable causes -- all of this is good. Moo Cow Bikers desire to have the reputation of reaching out to others. Charity development is part of our charter.
    Possibly this is a personal thing, but I have a desire to actively reach out to others. (I know, we are all in need) Our churches reach out personally and financially in missions work, churches have benevolence committees, churches assist those who need help around the house with repairs, yard work, and the like. Why not have one day a month, or every six weeks to assist widows with what ever they might need? I'm not suggesting the gift of money. I'm suggesting the gift of man power. Jesus said: "just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve,....." (Matthew 20: 28a). Why should not Moo Cow Bikers be willing to join hands and serve others physically as well as financially?
    While our efforts at house building were enthusiastic at first, that fizzled.
    Leadership might want to mull over the possibility of "hands on" assistance to others. I'd be interested in getting a response from all. A Moo Cow Biker's life should be more than taking rides to interesting places, varying restaurants, fellowshipping with one another and hearing good stories. As Christians, we are set apart to serve Him.
    We have been blessed, so why not be a blessing to someone today, ----- and every day. We can do more.
    Have a great week, Herd.


Vice Cow-Moo Cow Bikers




So it's Tuesday!!
May 14, 2013
    Those who follow these musings are aware that Booger Bottom has a family of Red Tail Hawks in residence. We frequently see them in the spring of the year. They soar high above the tree cover emitting a familiar scream which must alarm those small critters on the ground. I mentioned that on yard sale day Papa Red Tail showed us his success story in the back yard when he had caught a small animal.
    Throughout the year, we see the male perched on a wire or in a tree. We also see him gliding through the woods on occasion. Maybe he is just keeping tabs on us vertical walking aliens.
    Admittedly there is a fascination with this Red Tail. I watch for him often. The spread of his wingspan is magnificent when he is in flight. The majesty of his flight patterns, the control he exhibits as he darts through the trees are a wonder to behold---an yet, he will float to and perch onto a tree limb in the blink of an eye.
    God provided an extra measure of joy on Friday. Cheryl and I were working in the garden. As often happens with advancing age, I found an excuse to leave the garden, walk down the tree lined driveway to fetch another garden tool. Peripheral vision has always proved valuable and this day was no exception. While walking under the trees, a movement to the right drew my attention. There was Mr. Red Tail majestically gliding to a stop on a tree branch not ten feet away!!! Lack of movement seemed in order since he was there to inspect me. I calmly and slowly turned towards him in order to comprehend this beautiful bird.
    Remember how hawks scream from the heights in order to startle prey on the ground? Red was peeping almost like a newborn bitty. Astonishment is a good way to describe my reaction to this sound. He kept his head turned sideways and I could only see the one eye. Big and dark, and wild. You know that the vision out of those eyes is far better than ours.
    I still had gloves on and after I had spoken to him softly for a minute or so, the natural progression was that I would hold up a gloved hand for him to glide to and perch upon. Well, the possibly of his landing on the arm also came to mind, but why not take a chance? Slowly up went the right arm, with the gloved hand at the highest point. Slowly Red dropped from his limb and glided right past me into the woods! Guess he wasn't ready for that trick yet.
    That encounter was a blessing. That was wild and free visiting a good old boy who has admired him and his family (probably his ancestors too) for years. That was evidence of God's creation visiting and communing with another form of His creation.
It made my day.
    Red's visit could be compared to the Holy Spirit offering to come into your life. Red swooped down onto a limb right next to me. Red wanted to see me. Holy Spirit is there all the time. We can't see the Holy Spirit as I saw Red, but when one lifts that hand or opens his/her heart, Holy Spirit does not glide away---Holy Spirit comes into your heart and your life and never leaves. That is what God wants of you. Invite Him in, believe that Jesus came to die--to die for you--to make your sin as white as snow. Accept, by faith, that God loves you and wants you with Him in eternity.     
    Be a blessing to someone today.
John C. McGinn, Esq.
Vice Cow-Moo Cow Bikers