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March 2, 2014








    Perception is a wide open topic, but let's narrow it to motorcyclists and life.


    How many motorcycles have you owned? What was it that drew you to that first bike, and each one thereafter?


    The first scooter that I ever rode was one that Sears Roebuck & Company had on the market. A friend owned it and was kind enough to invite me over one Sunday afternoon to join in the fun of two wheel riding.


    Oh, I had long enjoyed the fun of riding a bicycle. That bike was my mode of transportation, and it was ridden within a three mile radius of home quite frequently. It was "loaded." Chromed fenders, head light, tail light, horn, chromed rack on the back, red in color, white walled tires, it had everything. It soon had cardboard strips attached with a clothespin to make motorcycle sounds! 


    But, this scooter was something else. No peddling. Well, no, it did not run every fast, and it was a step through, but still, this was excitement for sure. 


    Twenty five, more or less, years passed before that blue 450 Honda Scrambler became my first real motorcycle. This was a test bike for me----testing to see if I wanted an off road machine, or a road machine. It was too heavy (at the time) for off road riding as it was not truly designed for such. It was not powerful enough or heavy enough for serious highway riding. But I lightened it some by removing the mufflers and putting baffles in the pipes. The baffles did not reduce noise much and they soon shot out the back, thus changing the sound and performance. Put the mufflers back on.


    The succession of bikes allowed me to make continual changes. More than a few "all nighter's" were spent changing handle bars and wiring. Custom catalogs were a great source of equipment. Never quite satisfied, and always mentally picturing changes. A fun, and expensive hobby. Well that was before country club dues, etc..


    Harley Davidson had some smart cookies in their merchandising department. Harley catered to those "unsatisfied" customers by selling a basic machine and offering accessories. Now there was a true money source for Harley Davidson. It did not take long to realize that one could not recoup the cost of accessories when selling a bike. Money down the drain. Then came the CVO series! The cats meow. Don't need accessories-----well, not many.


    Perception, that's what I'm talking about. Look at me. Look at my bike. We are all guilty to a degree. Well, not all of us. Some are smart enough to think: functional. Been there, done that too.


    I wrote a piece on Follow Me recently. The Pharisees were not asked to follow. Every day people were asked. They were not loaded with extras. Matthew, for example, was loaded with persecution from his own people--he was a tax collector. Probably well off financially, but hated. He would have ridden a CVO, not a Honda.


    The Pharisees asked: "Why is your Teacher eating with the tax-gathers and sinners?" Jesus said: "It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick." Matthew 9: 11, 12. Yes, He knew that the Pharisees needed to be with him too. But, they were too hung up on acquiring more parts for their bikes and showing off. Jesus wanted to touch the sick, the downtrodden, the adulterers, those fallen by the wayside.


    This entry is not to condemn those of us who like the shine, the sparkle, the sound of our bikes. If we use our earthly "things" to honor God, and if we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, then we are just as "in" as anyone. We should all be witnesses for Jesus Christ, whatever our position in life.




    Be a blessing to someone today.




Vice Cow, Moo Cow Bikers


Soccer and Other Things


March 9, 2014




Soccer and Other Things




    Yesterday was a beautiful day for riding these Iron Horses that we bikers have. Both the Conyers club and the Fayetteville club had planned different destinations, but with the common goals of fellowship, food, frolicking, and being good witnesses to the non-biker and biker world.


    The race is just beginning for the 2014 mileage winners of the year. The true test of importance for this annual award is not the miles ridden, but how much good cheer we spread to the world. I would like to think that with each mile ridden, we all make a positive impact on those around us.


    Yesterday was also a good day for watching grandsons play soccer. After driving for an hour and fifteen minutes, greeting the three dogs in residence, then the family, off we went to the soccer fields. The fields had been under water the night before, but the games went on. Good drainage system, they have.


    This 10 year old league had one practice before playing and that fact was easy to see. Reminded me of the 6-7 year old league that our son began playing in. For a time I was reminded of a flock of birds following each other across the sky. With the ball leading the pack, all players followed all over the field.


    The opposing team scored 2 goals in the first half on plays that my grandma (God rest her soul) would have stopped. It was as though our goalie was mesmerized by the sight of the ball rolling towards him. Hopefully, he finds another position for the rest of the season. NOTE: The goalie position has to carry an extra gene in order to throw him/her self at a ball coming off the foot of a charging player. It's life or death out there.


    Second half brought more organization and presentation on the part of both teams. The opposing team scored one more goal----but scored it for our team!! Good shot, way to go. Yes, a bit comical, but still a goal for us. Oh, by the way, we did not score any goals. But the potential is there. You can see it. If they would only get the ball to my grandson more. :) He is long and tall and fast---like his grandpa was back in the day.


    Did I ever tell you about the time??? Skip that. Being a member of the Pfeiffer University Soccer Hall of Fame has some drawbacks. It's hard to calmly sit and watch a game. I tried to quietly give pointers and lots of "way to goes, good hustle, shake it off, GO AFTER THE BALL" you know, things like that. It was a good day.


    As much as I truly hated not being with the Moo Cow Bikers yesterday, it was a good day. Those grandsons will leave their own marks here on earth. If grandpa can help out, that is part of the joy.




    Be a blessing to someone today.  




Vice Cow, Moo Cow Bikers


Good Sunday Morning

February 2, 2014 

Come With Me 

Some of you are old enough to remember the long running TV show, Gunsmoke with Marshall Dillon, Miss Kitty, Chester, Festus, and my favorite, Doc. If you don't know these characters, the western channel has reruns every week day. 

When anyone was shot, most of the time the line included: "somebody get Doc." Most of the time, Doc would patch up the victim, but at times Marshall Dillon said: "some of you men get him out of here." Doc was a man that most trusted. Doc's sign read: surgery and general practice, but Doc did most everything, didn't have much money, but always enough to get a free drink from Miss Kitty, or buy Chester a drink. Doc had earned his reputation with the people. If Doc said: "come with me," people came and he delivered. 

When we post the ride calendar, we are saying: "come with me." Every year the calendar expands with new rides, new destinations, new opportunities, new fun and excitement. Our riders trust the leaders to safely deliver with a great time. Well, there are times when safety is hit or miss----like last years' return from Pigeon Forge across the Smokey Mountains. We had to delete a portion of the ride because of rain and fog on top of the mountains. Praise the Lord, we all traversed the mountains without incident. Everyone followed the person in front of them and crossed the mountains safely. 

Leadership is earned through experience, wisdom, and vision. Still, every follower takes a chance when the words "come with me" are pronounced.  

When the words "Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest" (Matt. 11: 28) were first spoken, some came, many did not. Jesus was offering eternal life which was something new to most. Here was a young man, followed by twelve assistants (a pretty big posse if you think about it) teaching eternal life to folk who were concerned about tomorrow and whom were looking for a leader to take them into battle. They expected to follow a King. 

"Come to me" required what we call faith. Most came to Doc when they were sick, dying, shot, etc.. It takes faith to follow a ride leader. Yes, we have PHD's today who, in essence, say "come to me," all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. We call them head doctors. 

Many of those doctors have become rich by suggesting that clients continue to "come back next week." Clients continue to go back with the hope of getting better. And keep going back. 

We all need help at times. We all appreciate the work of doctors at times. The question is: do you want a permanent fix? Are you heavy-laden? I submit that we all follow the One who said: "Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." He has quite a reputation of healing. Faith is still the key word in going with the one who asks. 

Be a blessing to someone today.