Cool Riding

February 22, 2015
Cool Ride
    Here in the south, we too have bad weather---for the south. The second weekend in a row, produced questionable weather and the possibility of no other bikers showing up for the ride to Mansfield, Georgia and Where There's Smoke, for BBQ. The forecast called for cloudy skies and 57 degrees for a high. We Harley riders have gauges available for our bikes, but, face it, they are not always as accurate as the Honda gauges. My gauge never showed anything close to 57 degrees yesterday. 
    A safety tip is: take your electrics when cold weather prevails. Check. I frequently wear the electric gloves and the electric jacket, but infrequently hook them up. After all, heated grips and a heated seat usually keep the necessary parts warm! Leather pants also help with the legs.
    The SE is garaged, so the temperature gauge would not show an accurate reading initially. It settled in at 32 degrees as I rode towards the starting point. A rarity had me to be the first arrival. Well, I was 30 minutes early. Bobby and Sandra were followed by Dave, Jeff (long time treasurer and long time member, but a rare rider lately), Gary, and Randy. Everybody was properly bundled! Still no plug ins as 32 degrees is not truly cold for a "real biker" and Moo Cow Bikers has its share of real bikers.
    We expected to see Linda on the east side of Griffin, but alas, no Linda. On we travel east of Griffin. Wait, way east of Griffin, a lone biker, bundled for some cool riding, it's Linda. Faithfully waiting on her custom painted bike. She falls in with the group.
    Jackie, of recently replaced 2nd hip, had informed me that he would meet us at Chevron, west of I-75 in his truck. There is a real biker. He can't ride the bike yet, but being loyal to Moo Cow Bikers, he joined us in his truck. As our caravan approached the station, arms and hands waived out car windows. Those faces seem familiar. Sure enough, Willie and Barbara, and Mike and Beverly, long time Moo Cow Bikers, but NOT SO TOUGH BIKERS, joined the group for the ride to lunch. Well, at least they came and were welcomed by all!
    Pulled pork, Brunswick stew, and fried potato salad is a staple for me at Where There's Smoke. Everything is great, but these are my favorite. Different waitresses on this Saturday, but the product was the same.
    We witness when we ride and wherever we go. First the bikers show up, then we have public prayer before eating. Showing our allegiance to God is a good message to those around us. Not to mention, it tends to relax others in a restaurant.
    Bikers have a rowdy reputation. We tend to perpetuate the idea. Our group leans more towards laughter, good fellowship, open love for each other, razzing, smiles---get the idea? Yesterday was no different, though we did have another topic of discussion: that being the wooses who rode in the car. They are all Honda riders too! What's the group coming to?
    We passed on the trip south and ice cream and headed home. Oh, I did plug in the electrics for the return trip. Amazing how comfortable it is with warmth all around. Cold weather riding has one draw back: it's harder to do a full body turn at intersections, for instance. Is it possible that advancing age has something to do with that? Surely not.
    As long as we "Stand up, stand up, for Jesus," we will continue to ride and enjoy the promises of God. Do you make time to seek those promises every day? You are guaranteed a better and fuller life if you do. Look forward to eternity, but praise Him every day while you are here.
    Be a blessing to someone today.
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