February 15, 2015
    Fayetteville had a BBQ, Air Museum/dessert, Opry ride scheduled yesterday. Considering the cool weather of the past week I considered it wise to put some extra time into marketing the ride. On 2 separate occasions during the week, I sent out flyers informing the Herd of the expectations for Saturday.
    Saturday morning broke with temperatures in the 20's, with expected high 50's later in the day. Since we were not departing Fayetteville until 2:00 PM, we should begin the day in comfort (at least for real riders). Still while riding east to departure point, the thought entered my mind: what if nobody shows up to ride? Will you take the planned ride anyway?
    Not to worry. Bobby and Sandra were already there with the heaters running and music blasting on that Honda trike! Well, they were there! Gene and LaVanda Gibbs appeared on a real bike designed for one. Reminded me of James and Debbie before Honda. David and Cindy Williams, Dave and Lynn Peterson, Gary Eller, with grandchildren duty later in the day, and myself made for a good looking group. Prayer preceded a comfortable ride to Southern Pit BBQ north of Griffin, where Willie and Barbara and friends, Doug and Nina from South Georgia :), Mike and Beverly, with grandsons, and Griffins own Linda joined the merry band. Good food and fellowship followed.
    Departing BBQ, it seemed that the temperature had risen a bit from our arrival.  One degree makes a difference on days like yesterday. South towards Zebulon, then north on Williamson Road took us by an unusual site. Gene told us that a tornado or some big wind blew through the area taking down trees and doing other damage in general. One huge tree was cut off, but the owner decided to make a tribute to the remains. This stump must be 20 feet in the air, with a cross carved out of the top and leaving a 10 foot stump to hold it up. Impressive. "Be a blessing to someone today."
    On to Barnstormers Grill, the air strip, and museum. Interesting. Soon some of our group is spotted in the Grill having dessert. Oh well, I did use dessert as a teaser and this group loves to eat.
    Time to head out to the Opry. We begin to lose riders as other obligations and cooling temperatures take a toll. Dave and Lynn left for home to load up in the cage and return for the Opry. We arrived about 50 minutes before show time thinking that would be real early. Not true. It seems that some come for every show and most have reserved seats, though there are no reserved seats. Reminds one of church seating. Whose seats did we take? Being bad bikers, we were not challenged on the back rows.
    The Hollonville Opry has existed for 20 years. Some of the original owners have passed into Glory, but the show continues. Talk about being a blessing, these folk do that with a plus added. Upon entering the doors a donation box greets everyone. Give or don't give. Sandwiches, desserts, drinks, punch, chips --- all free! Everything is free. And the "old timers" greeted us with open arms. One of the stars of the floor show and I had a great chat exaggerating about our skills on the floor. She must be in her 80's. She told me that she buck dances every night and she was going to call me up to dance with her. Explaining that my hearing was not as good as it once was, she said: "no problem, I'll come get you."
    The show began. The first group, a husband and wife, and a sister or daughter sang to taped music. One could tell they had been singing God's praises for a long time, maybe too long. But they enjoyed themselves.
    The next group was very relaxed and enjoyed themselves too. The grand dame of floor shows performed with tap shoes on. Amazing.
    I left before the last group appeared, wanting to get home before the deep freeze. Hooked up the electrics, put on the amber glasses and headed in. Didn't even need the electrics. Warning: The amber glasses were too much. I thought I was being approached by a greyhound bus with the first vehicle. Too bright! 
    The Herd witnessed "be a blessing to someone today" and a good time was had by all. One must approach this site with appreciation for an older generation of folk who want to provide a venue for those who have a desire to perform, at a for free price, provide food and beverage free, and provide great fellowship to each other and new bees. You owe it to yourself to visit the Hollonville Opry in Hollonville, GA. You won't forget it.
Be a blessing to someone today.
The Vice Cow