Fayetteville Chapter Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Moo Cow Biker Meeting Minutes Nov 12 2018

Moo Cow Biker Meeting Minutes


November 12,  2018 (Dwarf House Fytvl, GA)

[7:00pm – 7:41pm )


  1. Welcome and recognize guests --Dave P. (7:00)

    1. 15 Members present

  2. Devotional--Alfred (7:02)

    1. Thankssinging this Sunday at 2:00--all are invited

    2. Names of God--we have to visualize ourselves obeying God’s word.  God wants us to love him more than anything else. Without sacrifice, we may not see our blessing.  

  3. 50/50 drawing --Wendell (7:21)--$15


   IV. Sargent at Arms Bucket—Robert—(7:22)--$6


    V. Financial Report –Dave —(7:23)

  1. Dave gave financial report.  There were no questions. Dave explained October donations.

   VI. Ride Reviews —

  1. James Southwell led a charity ride from Great South with 22 bikes to Warm Springs.   

  2. Jackie led a ride to Sprewell Bluff over the weekend lunch was at Slices.  7 bikes 8 people.

VII.   Upcoming Elections--Mark Trail

  1. Current officers have agreed to serve in their roles.  No other nominations have been made at this time.

  2. We will vote in December.

VII.  Upcoming Rides

  1. Last ride of the year is Dec. 29--Chic Fil A Bowl parade.

VIII. Other

  1. Sandra updated condition on Eddie Winegar.  He is at Hope Memory Cottage on Brandywine Road in Fayetteville.  Visitors are welcome

  2. In lieu of a Christmas Gathering of our group a proposal was made that the group attend the performance of the Trey Clegg Singers (Mark and Candy are members) at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on December 15.  Tickets will be $30 per person at the door.


IX.  Adjourned 7:41pm

Moo Cow Biker Meeting Minutes Oct 08 2018

Minutes of Fayetteville Moo-Cow Bikers,  Monday, Oct 8

(Candy Rhinehart,  filling in for Catherine)

23 present,  including 1 visitor (employee of  David Johnson)


Dave called meeting to order at  7 pm.


Dave - described: friends from church,  Jackie and William Thomas- William had serious  bike accident on S. Fulton Pky after bike night event.  Now with multiple injuries. Dave passed around card to sign.  Richard made a motion to give a $500 donation from the club to Jackie and William,  Gene and Sandra seconded the motion, and the club voted unanimously to make the donation.


Dave - gave a devotional on how to be a good follower of Jesus,  basically working to shed things that get in the way,  being aware of "good fruit from good trees" (and bad!)


Dave - broke members into groups of  4, to discuss: purpose of our group,  rides? mission statement? things to do for fun? outreach to the community? After a few minutes,  a person from each group made statements:


1) Jackie:  fellowship, riding,  food, limited charity


2) Gene: fellowship in "clean" /wholesome environment,  rides: perhaps mid-week (retirees), perhaps Friday overnight  (so members could attend their Sunday services)


3) Carl Owen: fellowship, fund-raising, food,  rides


4) Barbara - charity, fellowship,  local scholarship fund in honor of John


5) James - fellowship,  build up club membership:  charity ride - invite other motorcycle groups,  with hope that will come ride with us and join


6)  additional comments:


Dave - thinks our rides more purposeful than other groups; go to lots of interesting places (not just about eating)


Willie - rides have more substance.  interested in a group ride to Panama City Beach for several days.


Carl - fund-raiser ride with other motorcycle groups  (possibly quarterly)


Wendell did 50/50 and the club got $45.


The fine bucket with Jackie received $23.


Dave gave the financial report: $7812.88 beginning of Sept,  7712.29 at end.


Dave - ride review: described top riders: Mark Trail 1, Windell 2, Dave 3, James 4


Mark Trail - described (non-club) Canada ride of 34 days, about 8800 miles with Gene and Betty,  Randy and Linda


Jackie - discussed club ride to the Perry Fair


Dave - elections coming up - give officer nominations to Mark Trail.   These will be announced in November, and the election will be held in December.


Willie gave prayers for:  Sandra's dad,  Catherine and Robert,  who have the flu, and William Thomas.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05.

Moo Cow Biker Meeting Minutes Sep 10 2018

Moo Cow Biker Meeting Minutes


Sept. 10,  2018 (Dwarf House Fytvl, GA)

[7:00pm – 7:39 pm )


  1. Welcome and recognize guests --Dave P. (7:02)

    1. 25 members 3 guests

  2. Devotional, Jackie --(7:05)

    1. Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you;  do not be dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you;    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”  It takes faith to walk in faith.  

  3. 50/50 drawing --Wendell (7:10)--$34

    1. Won by Dave Peterson--winning $17 Dave donated his $17 back to Moo Cows

   IV. Sargent at Arms Bucket—Robert—(7:13)--$49

  1. Robert matched $26 from August

    V. Financial Report –Dave —(7:14)—Dave gave financial report.  There were no questions. Dave shared recent correspondence with the group.

   VI. Ride Reviews —

  1. Jackie--Yonah Burger (John McGinn Memorial Ride) 9 bikes participated.  It was “a great day in the saddle”. 3 folks from Conyers attended the 275 mile round trip.

VII.   Dave Announcements

  1. Group voted not to refresh logo.

  2. Please be considering upcoming elections.  In October, we will turn in nominations. Election in November.  Announce new officers in December. Need all officer positions elected.  Dave has been President since 2014, he would not have hurt feelings if anyone else is nominated for this.

  3. Dave has looked into some new shirts  $28 for polo $24 for t-shirts. David volunteered to get more quotes for t-shirts.

VII.  Upcoming Rides

  1. Sept. 22 -- Gibbs Gardens, cancelled--James Southwell still recovering from surgery.

  2. Oct. 6 to be led by Jackie.  More details to come

  3. Oct. 18-21--Ride 4 the Kids led by Ray and Diane Parrish.  Need a final head count on this.

  4. Oct. 27  Leaf Learing led by Robert.  More details to come


VIII. Other

  1. Inspirational story shared by Cindy.  Her father is 100 years old and just recently had his wallet returned to him.  He lost the wallet 77 years ago while building airplanes for WWII. All i.d.’s and a bus token were still in teh wallet.

  2. Eddie Winegar is in fragile condition please continue to pray for him and Leanna.


IX.  Willie adjourned with a prayer at 7:39


Moo Cow Biker Meeting Minutes Aug 13 2018

Moo Cow Biker Meeting Minutes


August 13, 2018 (Dwarf House Fytvl, GA)

[7:00pm – 7:50 pm )

  1. Welcome and recognize guests (Dave P. 7:00-7:03)

    1. 1 member from Conyers--Rick and 1 lifetime member--Wade were in attendance in addition to many Fayetteville members.

  2. Devotional, Alfred --(7:03-7:16)

    1. Prime the Pump with Giving--Do you drink what you have or do you give it away and trust that the Lord will provide?  Put God First when giving. Giving is an act of Faith. It is difficult to give what you need to the Lord--but Trust in God.  God is real.

  3. 50/50 drawing --Wendell 7:16--$22

    1. Won by Candy Rhinehart

   IV. Sargent at Arms Bucket—Robert—7:17--$26

  1. Robert to match the bucket for next month

    V. Financial Report –Dave —7:18-7:22—MooCow, Inc. has dissolved.  Money moved over to our account and on hold for now. Motion from Jackie/seconded by Robert to donate $50 to Habitat for Humanity. Approved by members present.  No questions from members concerning budget.

   VI. Ride Reviews —Dave--7:22

  1. Review of July/ August Rides—Andrews, NC Trout Farm, beautiful weather all weekend.  Great visit with Howard and Debbie. Learned more about Trout Farms. Howard just won North Carolina Farmer of the Year.  5 bikes 8 people.

  2. Global Village Americus, GA--great tour of how Habitat for Humanity serves housing needs around the world.

VII.   Logo Refresh Discussion--Dave 7:31

  1. $75 paid for sketches to put new logo in line with new Chick-Fil-A logo

  2. Will need about $100 for renderings from artist.  About another $100 to move forward for actual logo.  Robert made a motion for $200 to continue logo refresh work.  David seconded the motion. Approved by members present. Questions were asked about if Conyers would have to use new logo and copyrighting the logo for continuity purposes.   Members asked if questions about “legal” matters with the logo were being handled. Dave has been in contact with Dan Cathy.


VII. Adjourn—7:50 pm

Moo Cow Biker Meeting Minutes July 09, 2018

Moo Cow Biker Meeting Minutes


July 09, 2018 (Dwarf House Fytvl, GA)

[7:00pm – 7:31 pm


  1. Welcome and recognize guests (Dave P. 7:00-7:05)

    1. 2 new members tonight—Star and Gerry Thornton

    2. 25 members present

    3. 2 guests present

  2. Devotional, Willie Bradshaw --(7:05-7:10)

    1. Due to His Resurrection we are able to say “Thank you, Jesus”

    2. As we care for the sick, pray also for the caretakers and the healthy

  3. 50/50 drawing --Wendell 7:10--$32

    1. Won by Gene Ross

   IV. Sargent at Arms Bucket—Robert—7:12--$17

    V. Financial Report –TerriAnn—7:15—no questions

   VI. Ride Reviews – Ride Calendar—Dave--7:18

  1. Review of June Rides—Mt. Eagle—Great Ride ; Pine Mountain/Oyster House—awesome 7 bikes, 10 riders

  2. 14-Jul, Sat - Dickey Farms (Ride Capt. Richard R.)

    1. 10:45 KSU at Sam’s in McDonough

    2. Lunch at Fresh Air BBQ in Jackson

    3. Dickey Farms for Ice Cream

  3. 28/29-Jul, Sat/Sun - Andrews, NC Trout Farm (Ride Capt. Mark T.)

    1. Depart Dwarf House Fytvl. @ 9:00 AM

    2. Book: Quality Inn 828-321-2176 by July 20th (Moo Cow Bikers)

    3. $125/room 2 dbl. Beds

    4. Contact Mark T. for detail -  mtrail430@gmail.com

    5. 6 people indicated they will be attending

  4. Looking at July 21 for a reschedule of the Habitat for Humanity ride.  More info to follow.

  5. Dave to post August calendar soon.  James S. to have surgery will not be able to ride for one month.

VII.   Safety—Doug Miller

  1. Remember at any given time very little tire (rubber) is meeting the road.  The equivalent of a man’s size 10 shoe.

  2. Dave asked for a show of hands of who may be interested in a Safety Course with Chris Carr.  Dave will follow up with Chris. 6 interested.


VII. Adjourn—7:31 pm