Moo Cow Bikers


Who are we, and where did we come from?

After much ground work and one on one advertising by Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A, a gathering for BBQ and information sharing was held at the Rock Ranch in the spring of 2000. Riders came from Columbus, Atlanta, Conyers, Douglasville, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Jonesboro, McDonough and all points between. There were probably 150 bikes at the gathering.

Dan shared a vision of getting to know people who are outside the Chick-fil-A corporate family. He also shared the desire to have a biker group who would not be under the CFA corporate umbrella, but would complement the corporate purposes of CFA and hopefully draw new customers to the restaurant business.

After this initial successful meeting, the riding group met for a few times on Sundays at Dan’s church, New Hope South. Church was followed by a group ride in the area. The time spent included riding, but more importantly getting to know each other over lunch. When Dan suggested that we begin meeting at the Dwarf House in Fayetteville, Georgia once a month, there were no objections. Those attending began the process of formalizing the group.

The first “big ride” was in the fall of 2000. A group met at the Atlanta Motor Speedway before sunrise and headed, in three separate fractions, to New Smyrna Beach, Florida for three days at Biketoberfest. On Saturday and Sunday morning breakfast was prepared by a few of the attendees; then we had a speaker whose topic was the importance of marriage relationships and marriage. The tone was set for an area of importance to the group. Afternoons were spent in Daytona Beach with all the festivities of Biketoberfest, then followed by outstanding dinners with the group.

Sunday afternoon saw many riders heading home in different directions. A group including Dan Cathy, Mark Trail, Larry Hiscox, John & Cheryl McGinn, Mike White, Jeff Pritchett, and Ray Brown retraced our path from Friday as we headed towards home. Over lunch, Dan asked us about a name for the biker group. Names like Junk Yard Riders, Bone Bad Riders, Begone Riders, Black Friday Riders were not acceptable. How about Moo Cow Bikers asks Dan. It dovetails with the new advertising campaign using the cows. We have a Moo Cow Band. Moo Cow Bikers it is!!!

Since that 2000 year, there have been changes. Our numbers ebb and flow, but we continue to have a vibrant group. Our monthly meetings have up to 80 members in attendance. Our rides may have 8 or so on a given day, but lately we have more like 20 riders. Our riding experience has improved along with the fellowship of the group.

Our service to others has shown support to many worthy causes. We currently have a group that helps Habitat For Humanity with building, we are assisting with a new ride in 2012 to assist Murphy-Harpst in Cedartown, some participate in Ride For The Family, a ride emphasizing the importance of marriage in today’s society.

Our meetings always have our Safety Director covering safe riding. We also remind all riders of safety before each ride.

Meetings also always include a devotion and prayer. We like to say that we may not be a Christian Motorcycle group, but we do have a lot of Christian members.

For the past few years, Sunday morning brings a word about life and God’s influence on us. It is entitled “Good Sunday Morning.” This offering comes from John McGinn, long time Vice Cow of the Moo Cow Bikers. These messages come from the heart and from experiences of life as a country boy who went off to school and ended up in Atlanta, then Peachtree City to practice law for 35 years.

Now, Moo Cow Bikers is venturing out into the Chick-fil-A network. The plan is to expand the biker network along CFA restaurant lines where each club will help bring more awareness to the CFA product and help to further develop the brand. Each future club will operate separately, but all members will be members of one 501(c)(3) corporate umbrella. Each club will have officers, conduct charity work, have their own rides, etc. We plan to expand enough so that we can conduct annual meetings in a central location, have group rides, group activities and safety instruction, all the while continuing the importance of marriage within our society.

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Moo Cow Bikers
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